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The Program provider for Road Scholar International Programs is Pacific Islands Institute (PII).  Road Scholar is the new name for the programs developed and offered by Elderhostel, Inc., the not-for-profit world leader in lifelong learning and educational travel since 1975.
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Program #3892 | Chile, Easter Island | 19 nights
We take a unique learning expedition through two of the world's most fascinating and enchanting places: the Atacama Desert and Easter Island. Exploring extremes of Chile's natural beauty opens our minds to the experience of ancient peoples that once inhabited these diverse places...Learn More 
Program #16289 | Easter Island | 12 nights
Join archaeologists and other researchers for a hands-on exploration of one of the world’s most mysterious and fascinating places. Located thousands of miles from the mainland, Easter Island (Rapa Nui) continues to reveal the culture of its inhabitants...Learn More
Easter Island: The Majesty and Mystery of Rapa Nui
Program #16342 | Easter Island | 9 nights
Delve into their legacy and history as you explore Easter Island and relish in an opportunity to study the monolithic moai that still exist. ...Learn More
Program #18535 | Palau, Yap | 14 nights

Strung across the Western Pacific like a thousand green emeralds on a sea of blue are the islands of Micronesia, or “little islands.” These islands are steeped in ancient traditions and fascinating legends, and also offer some of the best snorkeling in the world....Learn More


Below and Above Blue Waters: Snorkeling and Exploring in Fiji

Program #17863 | Fiji | 12 nights
Through your snorkel mask you scan the gently swaying tentacles of a sea anemone. You see a fiery orange head poke out into the clear, warm water — a clownfish. You remember your classroom lesson about symbiosis... Learn More 
Program #14177 | Aranui freighter – Tahiti, Marquesas, Tuamotu | 16 nights
Step aboard the Aranui 3, the inter-island freighter that is the lifeblood of the French Polynesian islands for a study cruise. Meet local residents and learn about their history, economy, agriculture, government and art against the backdrop of some of the most spectacular natural beauty you will ever encounter....Learn More
Heart of French Polynesia: Tahiti & the Society Islands
Program #19384 | Ms Paul Gauguin – Tahiti & the Society Islands | 11 nights
In 1891, when the artist Paul Gauguin arrived in Tahiti, he captured the languid grace of the natives in oil paintings. The descendants of his original models still call this piece of French Polynesia home. Learn about their culture and soak in nature’s beauty as you call on Raiatea and its reef-bound lagoon, its companion island Tahaa, Bora Bora and Moorea....Learn More
Intergenerational South Pacific: The Future of the Oceans
Program #19388 | Ms Paul Gauguin – Tahiti & French Polynesia | 11 nights
On this intergenerational adventure, you and your grandchild — or even three generations if their parent(s) wish to enroll — will have a hands-on, interactive experience of French Polynesia’s marine and island ecosystems. For grandparents, grandkids ages 11 and up, and optionally their parents....Learn More
Program #19386 | Ms Paul Gauguin – The Society Islands & Tuamotus | 14 nights

Experience life below the waves in the Tuamotus, a snorkeler’s paradise where the warm, crystal-clear waters are home to rays, dolphins, sharks and brilliantly colored reef fish. Learn about life onshore in the Society Islands of French Polynesia including Tahiti and two lesser-known isles, Huahine and Raiatea.....Learn More

Following Captain Cook: The Cook Islands & Society Islands
Program #19387 | Ms Paul Gauguin – The Cook & Society Islands | 15 nights

On this South Pacific odyssey, discover the isle of Huahine, renowned for its spectacular rainforests, experience the unique majesty of the Cook Islands, then return to the Society Islands of French Polynesia for days in alluring Bora Bora, Tahaa, Moorea and Tahiti. .....Learn More