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Dive in and Discover: Snorkel Palau and Yap
Program #18535| Palau, Yap
14 nights

Strung across the Western Pacific like a thousand green emeralds on a sea of blue are the islands of Micronesia, or “little islands.” These islands are steeped in ancient traditions and fascinating legends, and also offer some of the best snorkeling in the world. Dive in and discover two of these sparkling gems — Palau and Yap.



•  In one Yap’s famous “blue holes” — normally not open to visitors — snorkel and see pipefish, clown fish and pajama fish.

•  Snorkel in special areas of the Rock Islands in Palau.

•  Visit Rumung, an island that people from outside the village were forbidden to set foot on until three years ago.


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