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Easter Island: The Majesty and Mystery of Rapa Nui

Program #16342| Easter Island|

At the turn of the millennium, the island of Rapa Nui later named Easter Island by a Dutch explorer flourished with the communities of early Polynesians. Delve into their legacy and history as you explore Easter Island and relish in an opportunity to study the monolithic moai that still exist. Meet archaeologists and historians who study these ancient peoples as well as local residents who continue to call this sub-tropical island their home.
-Walk around the quarry from which the massive moai were carved, which includes nearly 400 unfinished giants and spectacular petroglyphs.
-Meet island residents and share in a home-hosted meal.
-Explore the island's most important archaeological sites including Ahu Tongariki, Orongo Ceremonial Village, and Ahu Vinapu and examine the mystery of why the moai were built, why they were toppled, and why the cult of the birdman arose.

Activity Particulars
Physically demanding program with extensive walking over uneven terrain and along hillsides. Some stairs required.
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